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Dilly - The man who broke Enigma

Mavis Batey - Hardback 2009

This book, written by Mavis Batey, is about Dillwyn Knox one of the great cryptographers of the First and Second World Wars. Mavis Lever, as she was known during her wartime years at Bletchley Park, was one of the young ladies who worked with Dilly Knox in Cottage 3 sited in Bletchley Park’s stable yard. Calling on her own knowledge and experience the author provides the reader with a captivating account of Dilly’s life, work and interests; p ....

STATION X The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park

Michael Smith - Hardback 1998

When I began guiding at Bletchley Park I found this book useful and still refer to it during my tours. This book accompanied the Channel 4 programme of the same name and tells the story of Bletchley Park between the years 1938 to 1945. Titled, “Station X The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park”. The name, Station X is the reference used to denote the tenth house taken over by MI6. The author, Michael Smith, writes on security and defence iss ....

Footprints - Secret Lives at Bletchley Park

Philomena Liggins - Kindle / Paperback 2012

During WW2, whilst Alan Turing was breaking the Enigma cipher at Bletchley Park, Bombe operator Bobbie Newton and her friend Charlotte Bingham were unaware of the part that they were playing in that imitation game of codes and ciphers. Based on facts and the moving memories of the time, author Philomena Liggins provides two fictional characters to guide the reader through the love, laughter and tears, bringing to life the emotions of working ....

The Emperor’s Codes – Bletchley Park’s Role in Breaking Japan’s Secret Ciphers

Michael Smith - Paperback 2010

As the title suggests, this book is about the part that Bletchley Park played in breaking the Japanese ciphers. It takes the reader back to the post World War One intercepts and the breaking of the Japanese diplomatic ciphers by the young John Tiltman; it covers German Japanese alliance and the information gleaned by the British by continuing to read the Japanese ciphers; it introduces the Australian sailor Eric Nave recruited to work for the Br ....

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