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Code Wars

John Jackson - Kindle / Hardback 2011

Code Wars studies the effect of intelligence gained through Ultra (British Sigint) on specific operations and how this influenced the outcome of crucial campaigns such as North Africa, Crete, the Normandy invasion, as well as key naval battles, the Coventry-Churchill controversy, the V1 and V2 weapons, Hitlerís invasion of Russia and the US Sigint contribution. It also examines the development of Colossus to break German High Command messages ....

Demystifying the Bombe

Sir John Dermot Turing - Paperback

It is understood that Alan Turing believed, that if a machine was used to create a cypher, then a machine could be produced to help break that cypher. In the early 1940s such a machine was developed which helped the code-breakers of Bletchley Park to break the Enigma machine cypher. The machine would become known as ďthe bombeĒ. Through this guide book the author Sir John Dermot Turing provides a simple and concise overview of the workings of ....

GORDON WELCHMAN - Bletchley Park's Architect of Ultra Intelligence

Joel Greenberg - Hardback 2014

This book is an account of the life and work of Gordon Welchman, one of Bletchley Parkís top World War II code-breakers. The author, Joel Greenberg is an educational technology consultant with a particular interest in the impact of design and technology on early computers. He is currently a part time member of the Bletchley Park Trustís Management Team a Volunteer Tour Guide. Greenberg also presents talks and lectures on associated su ....

Ghostly Tales - Susanís Story

Philomena Liggins - Kindle 2014

SHORT STORY In the early 1950s, as people in the mill town of Salford in Lancashire recovered from the Second World War, children played in bombed out houses unaware of the dangers that lay beneath their feet. As Christmas 1953 drew nearer a little girl began to make a daily call on an old lady and was captivated by tales of life in the Victorian mills, and stories about her annual holidays to Blackpool. But on the day before ....

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