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Britainís Secret War -
How Espionage, Codebreaking and Covert Operations Helped to Win the War

Michael Smith - Hardback 2011

This is an ideal book for collectors or for those who want something just that bit different. Cleverly presented in a boxed sleeve this hardback book is well illustrated, full of facts and contains fascinating reproductions of secret war-time archive material tucked away in buff coloured envelopes between the pages. Written by researcher and historian Michael Smith the book presents an introduction to espionage, codebreaking and cove ....

Agent ZigZag

Ben Macintyre - Paperback 2011

The story of a con man, a petty criminal and a womaniser may not be considered to be Bletchley Park subject matter and some may be forgiven if they wonder what links an opportunist has with the code breakers of Bletchley Park. The answer is the double cross system. Through intercepted German messages deciphered at Bletchley Park, MI5 could keep tabs on German spies and in many cases persuade them to become double agents. The author, Ben ....

Churchill & Secret Service

David Stafford - Paperback 2000

David Stafford is an historian with a range of intelligence related books to his credit. It is therefore no surprise that this particular book brings together pieces of an otherwise unopened jigsaw puzzle and builds a picture of Winston Churchillís relationship with the British Secret Services of MI5, MI6 and those secret departments associated with them. Focusing on intelligence, Stafford introduces Churchill in his early years as a journali ....

Bletchley Parkís Secret Sisters Ė Psychological Warfare in World War II

John A. Taylor - Paperback 2005

The title of this publication does not do the content justice. The author presents a much wider view of the wartime involvement of the towns and villages surrounding Bletchley Park than the sub-title suggests. John Taylor is a local historian and writer and has researched this book well to provide the reader with an insight into the range of work carried out in the Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire countryside. The book is of g ....

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